Buying Hemp Oil From Amazon? (The Truth Revealed)

Buying Hemp Oil From Amazon? (The Truth Revealed)

Published by CBD Farmhouse on May 20th 2019

Can You Really Buy CBD on Amazon? 

It does matter where you buy CBD oil. Sometimes the biggest, most trusted, online vendor isn't the best place to go...yet.  With the passing of the Farm Bill late last year, CBD is federally legal throughout all 50 states, but since not all states have adopted it, it is still very much in the gray area for some regions. Being a nationwide distributor, it is still against Amazon's policy to sell CBD until clearer legislation is laid out. 

Don't Believe What You Read. Where's the Proof? 

Peruse Amazon and you will find thousands of products labeled Hemp Oil or Hemp Oil Extract. You can also find hemp soap, lotions, and candles. How is it possible? 

What you are actually getting is Hemp Seed Oil, which contains little or no CBD. We aren't denying that hemp seed oil is highly nutritious, rich in omega 3 and omega 6, but it does not contain CBD. The hemp industry is still very much unregulated and it is easy for anyone to slap a label on it. Even though products may be labeled as hemp oil, it is actually hemp seed oil to comply with Amazon's rules. 

Do Your Research. Ask the Questions. 

It is up to the consumers to do their own research on trusted and reputable products. Find vendors that will offer certificates of analysis that will confirm the amount of CBD you are getting. If all fails, contact the vendor directly and just ask. Here at CBD Farmhouse, we have certificates of analysis available and are happy to answer your questions. We also carry trusted brands like CBDistillery to make sure you are getting products true to its labeling.