Does CBD affect each person differently?

Nov 4th 2019

Around 20% of the population have good endocannabinoid genetics. They have less of an enzyme called FAAH, which deactivates anandamide. Anandamine is the most common natural endocannabinoid in the body. 

This mutation in the FAAH gene results in higher levels of anandamine in their system. The root word ananda in Sanskrit means bliss and people with more anandamine generaly do feel greater levels of bliss. 

People with these genetics feel less anxious throughout their day.

These people actually experience less pleasure when they smoke marijuana compared to their normal waking experience and are less likely to have an addiction to drugs.

People that feel less anxious and feel more positive throughout the day generally find it easier to be more productive and work harder. 

For those that have a deficiency in anandamine they are more likely to feel anxious and have negative thoughts throughout their day. 

Some ways to improve anandamine levels in the body include cold exposure, eating more vegetables, and excercise. 

People with a deficiency in anandamine are most likely to benefit from taking CBD. If you feel higher levels of anxiety throughout the day and have trouble focusing then chances are you have lower levels of anandamine and could possibly benefit from taking CBD.

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