How Can I Calm My Pet with Anxiety?

How Can I Calm My Pet with Anxiety?

Published by CBD Farmhouse on May 15th 2019

Titus the Cat Vs Thunderstorms

This is Titus. He is a 1.5 year kitty who is still very much a baby. Every time it starts to rain, Titus would bury himself under the covers and hideout until the storm passes. He gets very stressed and curls up into a stress ball. He's not been a fan of rain since he get rescued. 

Melissa, Titus' mom tried everything from snuggling with him, giving him his favorite treats, and just calming him. She knew she didn't want to put him on prescription medications. As a pharmacy technician, and she knows the long list of side effects that can happen. Melissa decided CBD oil might be something for Titus to try because it's a natural product with little side effects. 

Last Saturday it started thundering again. Titus was already hiding under the covers, this time tucked under a pillow. 

To figure out dosing, in general pets are dosed 1mg per 10 pounds. For a 13 pound furbaby, that would be about 0.13ml of a 300mg/30ml pet tincture. Titus took the peanut butter flavored like a champ and didn't spit it out. 

In about 3 minutes... finally some relief. He relaxed a little and became a chill kitty again. For the first dose, she might have accidentally given Titus a little bit too much because he took light nap not too long after the dose, but it went well for the first time. Melissa plans on giving him half of the dose next time. 

Like humans, cats and dogs also have an endocannabinoid system. The receptors are located all over the central nervous system (and the brain) and peripheral nervous system―our bodies were designed to interact with cannabinoids.  When taking CBD, it can regulate pain, anxiety, sleep, and and overall immune system health. There are many benefits that are still untapped for this versatile compound.

For our CBD Farmily who also purchased our pet line, please share your experiences with our products too. We are looking for more suggestions as well as in what kind of products you'd like for us to create. Your opinion matters and we want to hear from you. :)


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