There's a growing number of Americans using CBD. Happy CBD day!

There's a growing number of Americans using CBD. Happy CBD day!

Aug 8th 2019

According to a new gallup poll one in seven Americans say they personally use CBD products. 20% of adults younger than 30 say they use CBD. Only 8 percent of those that are 65 and older say they use CBD.

The majority of those that use CBD use it for pain. The second most common reason for CBD usage is for anxiety while the third most common is for better sleep. Overall, 90% of all responses accounted for therapeutic usage, with only 5% of responses reported for recreational consumption of CBD.

CBD produces a mentally calming effect without resulting in intoxication. CBD has also been shown to help treat people with drug addiction by reducing cravings. It's important to have a safe non-toxic alternative to pain relief especially when the opioid epidemic has claimed over 300,000 lives since the late 90's. 

As CBD continues to become more mainstream, older Americans could benefit the most by treating the body pains that come with age. If you’re interested in trying CBD make sure you are buying from a trusted company that has COA’s and third party lab tests for their product.

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